Tweet D is the “bestest” friend a friend could have. He lives high atop the trees in Look Out Woodlands in his “igloo-shaped” tree house that he designed and built with the help of his good friend, JoMar the Yeti. He’s goodhearted and accepting with an honest spirit and is easily inspired to help others. He is always willing to forgive, and uses his smarts and wit to help his forest friends get out of trouble. It has been said that “Tweet D has all the heart of the next great adventure!”

Tweet D’s Evermore Necklace is a forever-frozen icicle pendent secure around his neck on a silver chain – and it never melts!  The iconic deep blue of the pendent glows to give Tweet D fantastical powers with endless potential to follow his passions and infinite inspiration to do more for others.


For customers who purchase one Adventures of Tweet D book, Famous Giraffe Publishing will donate one of our books to child in need.

Krissy the Squirrel is a beautiful pink squirrel with the fluffiest, most brushed tail in all of the Mighty Oak Forest. She spends her days taking naps along the outstretched limbs of her favorite trees and searching for acorns to store for the winter. She also watches out for her small friend Bunny Jade, who is always hopping around. Krissy has a curious spirit and has great ideas about solving problems. Though sometimes she might come across as a little bossy, she always looks out for all the creatures of the forest. It has been said that “Krissy’s loyalty to her friends is legendary!”

Krissy wears an acorn necklace around her neck. It was given to her by her mother who saved it from the “Great Fringed-Fur Fire of 2016”. It serves as a constant reminder that no matter how frightening or big a challenge may seem – your forest family is always there for you. She always remembers to take it off while playing games with her friends or sleeping – just to be safe. She treats every day as a new adventure.

Ryan is a revered pilot who you can catch flying above the forest on most days. He has his own pilot training and air safety instructional school just at the edge of Magic Air Valley where the winds are the perfect condition for take-offs and landings. He can be a bit sarcastic at times, but he likes to make people laugh with a crack of a joke or one-liner. Ryan is the “eyes in the air” who watches out for dangers and keeps his forest friends safe. It has been said that “Ryan flies with honor, no matter how cloudy the skies!”

Ryan was a test pilot for many years before opening his own flight school. In fact, he was the first winged pilot to fly the record distance to the Land beyond the Lakes. Ryan also is noted for making the daring flight to BerryWorld during the coldest winter on record to bring back supplies for the overwinter birds who were stranded.

Ashely is a feisty, fun loving bird with positive attitude that makes those around her feel warm and loved. She lives in Pheasant Fields and is a long-time friend of Krissy. Ashley is driven by a strong moral compass and takes fairness seriously. She can be outspoken when she needs to about how others are being treated. It has been said that “Ashley has courage that chirps in the face of danger.”

Ashley loves to dress up. Her fashion-sense is known throughout the forest, as she is the leading authority on forest-fashion trends and interpreting how colors best work for standing out and for hiding – and friends come from all corners of the forest to seek her guidance.

Smooth talking and smirking a cheeky smile, Mulley is always sly – scheming up ways to stir up trouble among his fellow forest friends. He lives on Pine Island, where he is most active during the dawn and at dusk, making improvements to his elaborate home and burrowing into the banks of the lake to make new underwater entrances. Mulley is capable of extravagant plans and risky ideas, which sometimes get him into trouble with the other forest friends. Mulley can be quite the charmer with a sociable swagger, but deep inside he is loyal to no one but himself.

Mulley likes to accent his plain brown fur with brightly colored shoes and matching hat. On his arm, he wears a very posh fish-bone bracelet made by Crocco – the most forest-famous trinket maker. (Rumor has it, Mulley ruthlessly swindled it from an unsuspecting hedgehog named Harvey. But that’s just a rumor.)